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MARCH 2003

El Mundo /Science - 05 /September /03

The invention of the "Chapapotera"

BARCELONA.- It is not necessary to be Einstein or Leonardo da Vinci to be an inventor. Sometimes , big ideas come from unexpected or unknown minds. To give the opportunity to these small - big inventors, Vilanova i la Geltrú organize every year the Galáctica Fair. His tenth edition stared yerturday and will last until sunday. Almost 200 inventions from 12 differents countrys will be presented, and stand out:

"Chapapotera".- It is being the big revelation of the Galáctica Fair. Luis Ríos, from Asturias, overwhelming by the disaster of the Prestige, decided to invent a machine to clean the petroleum spread in the sea. Just 5 months have passed, and he is already negotiating with a multinational british company.The machine is placed in a craft, like a catamaran, and it goes picking up the chapapote with a revolvable shovels that can be adapted to poured substances more or less fluids. With a chapapotera of 6 meters, it would be able to pick up 72.000 tons in 178 hours.