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vignette ISAAC

Cleaner machine of
Petroleum spilled in the sea


The cleaner machine can be install in several ways:

1- it can be attached in the receiving ship prow.
2- In one or both sides of the boat
or 3- between two ships.

It consits in, a cylinder, an engine that make it rotate, a group of yokels that pick up and lift the fuel, a brush that separate and deviate the petroleum, a first compartment that receive the oil and, a pomp, to pass it over the boat.
The catamaran has several advantages: 1- The machine is laterally protected from the waves. 2- Canalization of petroleum is good. 3- Can work all night and day long, without dangerous or fisical risks, cleaning while is sailing. 4- Another benefit is to put traverse pipes perforated in the area of prow keel, in witch is injected compressed air. It produce millons of bubbles that elevate the submerged petroleum stain (floats effect) favoring and assuring the total collection. 5- When the ship needs to travel to a distant area, the cleaner machine is rised, and the ship can navigate at max speed.