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Cleaner Machine of
petroleum spilled in the sea

in the FORUM

EL MUNDO - Monday 24/may/2004

Ideas in cubes ELENA MENGUAL (Env. especial) BARCELONA.

Some of the most important inventions for the Humanity, came from very simple ideas. In fact, simplicity is one of the characteristic of many single objets you can see in the Forum, distributed in one hundred exhibitors like "transparent cubes". They are " The cubes for good ideas", and contain selected creations, that are as clear as their containers. Iluminated by a little solar badge that each one have above, you would have to take a long walk, to see them all . Most of the visitors get astonished with the first cube, and that sensation increase while continue sighting. Prevail inventions about the use of alternative energy as one way to solve regular problems, mainly in undeveloped countries. Others want to detect and combat bad nutrition in the Third World, a lot of them are consequence of the recycle process, and others look for the way to make life a little less harder, specially for those excluded sectors like "non roof persons" or prostitutes. One of the most notorius invention, was the machine to gather the "chapapote" designed by Luis Ríos. This man propose a new system, faster and more efficient that those ones known up today, to clean the petroleum spilled in the water. It is based on the manual method to gather it -that one used by thousands of voluntiers at the Prestige catastrophe- collecting just the pollutants substances instead of the water. His inventor says that it can makes the work of 10.000 persons and his velocity avoid that the oil could spread, get volatile and contaminate the water.

Barcelona 2004
May 9 - Sept. 26

The Chapapotera, chosen by the FORUM as one of the hunderd better ideas in the world