STEP 1: TOPIC: The Prestige drama. I was so impressed for the images in television, that started thinking, how could i help. It is always the same, we are like kids when we want something, thinking over and over all night long, about some system to help stop it.

STEP 2: IDEA. It came when i saw some of the volunteers use a shovel with "teeth", like a fork, to pick up the fuel, but some got lost . To solve it , they add to them a net, making a kind of "precolator ". I started thinking that is was not so complicated to gather it, so, why don't use a machine to do it?

STEP 3: DESIGN. I needed something that floated, so I thought in a cylinder in which attached the shovels with the net (6 x 1.5 meters). When a proved it, i realized that the net got easily cover by the petroleum

STEP 4: TEST, EVALUATION, REDESIGN. I had to create an automatic system in which the yokels could be cleaned in each turn. I made a 2 meters long prototipe and proved it in Ortiguera beach, with the help of my wife and my 13 years old son . It worked. At this point just remain to adjust some details and calculus.

A technology class with an inventor: Luis Ríos

Meeting with the inventor of the "chapapotera" about the vocation of being an inventor, with highschool students

His name is Luis Ríos and lives next to this town. Works at Navia Workshop, and in free times likes to invent and paint.
His most popular invention has just a year. He named it "chapapotera" and what he looked for, is to provide an instrument that didn't exist up today, to avoid a catastrofe like The Prestige caused with the spilled of heavy fuel oil.
Luis Ríos came without having to insist. He is always interested to colaborate with all those things that help to make the people be aware about what this things mean, and what we can do to save the Planet. He
just wanted to spend a time with our students and exchange opinions.

"All the inventions are good, they improve the life quality of the human being, but, not all of them have the same impact. It depends of the necessity we can have"

Terra, recently made a competition asking the people to select what they thought was the better invention of the year. Chapapotera won it, and the lady who took the award said, "Man have to invent things to reduce the damage we do to the nature". Second place was for a helmet with air bags. Odyssey got the fifth place. Why? Because we can live with out going to Mars, but we cannot live in a distructed Planet.

He came with a lot of information, stories and with so much enthusiasm, that showed in every single answer he gave to us.
Talked about the process, ilusion and the actitude that have to have anyone who wants to invent something. Also talked about the materials he used to make it, how calculated the time to gather it, why there are 3 yokels instead of 4 or 400, why is better a catamaran to be the receptor ship, how many hours spend on it
, the money he could win, the Forum, how excited he felt when was rewarded for his invention, about meetings with other inventors, and a lot of things else.

"Be chosen by the FORUM of Barcelona made me feel so happy. When you make something with passion and ilusion, and get rewarded, is incredible. Not because of the money, in life not everything is about money, and things like this are what make you feel great. What I expect with this? I would like to sell the patent and win enought money to be able to have more free time to investigate and invent. I am thinking about how to produce electricity using the power of rivers, but without the necessity to build a reservoir, that produce so much trouble in nature."