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IMAGINARIA - Inventions Fair
May 29, 30 and 31 - June 1st


"Imagination conquest the world. Thanks to the inventors, whose ideas, contributs to our well being. Because of them, industry and technology, advance with incredible quickness."
(Faro de Vigo)

Imaginaria - First edition of the Portuguese - Hispanic International Room of Inventions and Technological Innovation
celabrated from may 29 up to june 1st - 2003, in Fexdega.

It is a professional event, that interest to curious but has as main objective: contact the inventors with bussiness people.
Pedro Gorbacho (manager of Fexdega Fundation) said, next year we expect
to make participate eastern countries in this event.

Above, Luis Ríos and Isaac in the Chapapotera stand.
Below, Villagarcía Mayor and authorities of the Xunta with Luis Ríos.